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Our hair loss treatments are ideal for those who are less confident than they used to be with their hairline. Hair loss is a sensitive issue for those worldwide with many people seeking solutions.
Genetic male pattern baldness, alopecia and thinning hair due to stress, anxiety and other medical factors can have a huge impact on a mans confidence.
In some cases the risks associated with surgery or medication is enough to stop the the personal pursuit to resolve any hair loss issues.

At Cheshire Hair Replacement Clinic based in Wilmslow, we offer a solution to your hair loss issue . Using a revolutionary Non surgical hair replacement system. This advanced technique is available it is pain free and gives you the results you desire. It gives you the freedom to restore your hairline with undetectable results.
At Cheshire Hair Replacement Clinic we only use 100% human hair and the most advanced polymer and microfilament skin system technology this ensures the scalp stays healthy and the system looks and feels natural. Whether it be a stock system or a customised piece we are happy to meet your exact requirements.

We’re proud of the results we’ve achieved. Get in touch with the experts at Cheshire Hair Replacement Clinic now to learn more!

We supply the highest quality non-surgical men’s hair replacement system
Miracle Graft Hair Replacement (MGHR)

This handmade Hair Replacement System is an ideal non-surgical system that delivers incredible results. It is lightweight, versatile and ideal for styling. This system features are:
• Base material: Clear, fine Polyurethane Polymer membrane
• Size: 9.5” x 7.5”
• Hair: 100% Indian Remy Hair Style: Natural Curl
• Hair length: 4”-5”
• Hair Style: Freestyle with natural left break
• Attachment method: Permanent adhesive / Superior tape

Available from stock or custom-made to order

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When you choose Cheshire Hair Replacement Clinic, you’re sure of a professional, high-quality service that works for you. Our hair replacements services are ideal for those who need a confidence boost and our specialisms mean that we can deal with people from all backgrounds and ethnicity. We’ve been active for more than 20 years and our links with the British Barbers’ Association further underline our quality. For an excellent service that restores your confidence, visit our hair clinic in Wilmslow, Cheshire, now!